Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible fees?

There are no opening or management fees.

What happens if the money is not lent to the operating company?

If for any reason, the company has not lent an investor’s monies to the operating company within 90 calendar days following the registrar’s receipt of the monies then the registrar will return the subscription monies to the Investor as soon as reasonably possible after that. The company will not pay any interest on any sums returned to an IFISA Bond Applicant.

What is Barbican ISA’s minimum investment?

Our minimum investment is £2,000.

How does the security work?

An Independent Security Trustee will hold an All Assets Debenture over the company on behalf of bondholders. The All Assets Debenture would include security over the loan book. Please note that this security may be insufficient to cover bondholder capital and interest and does not guarantee a return.

How has the IFISA been designed to reduce the risk – what measures are in place?

The directors of The Barbican Group have strived to mitigate the risks as much as they are able. The investment has been thoroughly thought through and extensively modelled and evaluated – professional valuations have been undertaken. Professional valuations are undertaken on the ultimate loans to ensure that there is sufficient headroom in terms of asset security for each and every Bond investor as soon as monies are invested and each project commences. The directors of The Barbican Group work extensively to achieve the minimum of risk for the investment and ensure security is in place. Despite this, Your Capital is at Risk and the security taken may be insufficient to repay bond holder capital and interest and does not guarantee a return.

If I need to cancel my Monthly Investment, will I be penalised?

No, there is no obligation to committing to a monthly investment. If you do decide to cancel the standing order there will be no fees or penalties.

What is the minimum to invest on a monthly basis?

You first need to open an account with us (£2000), to invest monthly you need to commit to a minimum of £100

What if I want to cancel or take out my funds early?

Barbican issue a corporate bonds which is due to be fully repaid no later than 3 years after the corporate bonds are issued. An IFISA Bond Holder may request redemption of his/her corporate bond (Including all accrued, but unpaid interest) before the longstop repayment date, but this is at the director’s discretion. Requests for early redemptions from IFISA Bondholders will only be met in limited circumstances. Early redemptions will attract an early redemption penalty of 8%.

Am I affected by currency changes?

No – You are investing in GBP and your interest is paid in GBP.

Do I own shares in the company?

No – you are investing through an IFISA into Corporate Bonds issued by Barbican.

Do I own any real estate or shares in the company?

No – you are investing through an IFISA into Corporate Bonds issued by Barbican.

What does fixed and simple interest mean?

Fixed interest means that the expected interest rate remains the same throughout the lifetime of the investment. In relation to this investment, the fixed interest is calculated on a simple basis which means that interest is calculated on the principal investment value and not on interest already earned.

When will I have access to the monthly investment?

The standard Terms and Conditions apply for each investment. You are due to have access to the original investment plus the interest on that investment at the end of the 3 year term from the first investment. The same three year term will apply for each subsequent investment you make, for example if you had invested £500 per month over 12 months between January 2018 and December 2018, you would be due to receive £605 per month between January 2021 and December 2021.

What if I need to change the payment date?

You can call your account manager to arrange this, there are no admin fees to do this.

What am I buying?

You are buying bonds, issued by Barbican.


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